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Bubble Machine &Fog & Haze Machines

£30.00 per night

A great addition to any party!, the bubble machine produces a steady stream of

bubbles and are great little machine for the home party market and not just for

the kids.. this bubble machine is great for adult parties too!

Create a festive party atmosphere with hundreds of bubbles floating around the


Our Bubble Machines Feature a built in fan which blows the bubbles up and away!.

Double Bubble Machine








 Bubble Machine with double wheel for producing large quantities of bubbles.

£45.00 per night


Our Mini Smoke Machine makes a brilliant addition

 to any party. Plug the smoke machine in, add the special

effects fluid and hey presto; a harmless disco smoke starts

 bellowing out of the nozzle to create a superb party and disco

 atmosphere whatever the occasion.

 Hire For £25.00 Per Day Hire

Haze Machine

This great new hazer from Source is a comprehensive optical haze

generator. Supplied with a full timer and variable haze wired remote

control, a haze machine reduces the chance of smoke alarm activation

compared with standard smoke machines, and provides a much more

"clean air" environment for your customers than a traditional smoke

machine - they can see the effects your lights give off, but without the

dense heavy fog of a traditional smoke machine

Hire For £35.00 Per Day Hire